2 Important Factors To Consider When Buying A Commercial Ice Machine

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Whether for your restaurant business or any location that serves cold drinks, a commercial ice machine is a must-have in the kitchen. When buying such a machine, you may be surprised at the many options you have, even right down to the shape of the ice itself. These details may not seem important to you, but they will make a difference in the function of the machine and may even save you money when it comes to the beverages you sell. Before you purchase a commercial ice machine, note the following. 1. Choosing the ice shape and size The shape of the ice cubes you choose for your machine may not seem important, but note that larger cubes may mean that you don’t need to fill glasses as full with water, tea, and the like, as the cubes are taking up more space. This in turn can save you money on these beverages overall. Ice flakes, on the other hand, are good for when you put ice around a buffet as it needs to fit easily into the area around bins. Chips are also are good for when you blend ice with beverages, such as for smoothies and iced coffees. Smaller cubes may be good for mixing alcoholic beverages as they look better in a glass and customers may be more likely to notice if an alcoholic drink seems “watered down” by larger cubes of ice. 2. Air-cooled versus water-cooled When choosing a commercial ice maker, you’ll need to choose between an air-cooled model or a water-cooled. The air-cooled variety will be affected by the ambient room temperature and its fan will need to work harder to keep ice cool when the room is very warm. For tropical resorts and kitchens that get very warm, or if you are planning on keeping the ice maker anywhere near the grill, such a machine may not be the best choice. A water-cooled machine must have an additional line installed to bring in cold water that circulates to keep the ice cool, so the installation is a bit more difficult and usually more expensive. This machine will increase the water usage of the kitchen, so if water costs are a factor it may not be the best choice. However, it is not affected by ambient room temperature so it’s a good option for those tropical areas or very hot spaces and it does use less electricity than an air-cooled machine, since it is not blowing a fan and condenser constantly. In turn, it may cost less on your utilities to operate a water-cooled ice maker. For more information, contact a company like Ice Machines...

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Which are the best green appliances for your kitchen?

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When you undergo a complete kitchen renovation, you don’t only have the opportunity to reimagine your kitchen space aesthetically – you also have the opportunity to decide how your kitchen works functionally. As climate change becomes a more pressing concern with every year, you might be wondering how you can incorporate greener functionality into your kitchen. This will essentially come down to the appliances that you choose for your kitchen renovation. If you wish to err on the side of green and eco-friendly living, you should consider these appliances for your kitchen upgrade. Magnetic induction cooktop. If you are the kind of person who always has numerous pots and pans on the stove bubbling away while you are taking are of the evening’s family dinner, you should consider ways that you can reduce wasted heat energy. One of the best ways of doing so is with a magnetic induction cooktop. Unlike regular stovetops that heat up the air between the stove and the pan, a magnetic induction cooktop actually transfers heat directly to the cookware, ensuring minimal loss of heat energy. The heat will be generated extremely quickly and it is easy to adjust. Microwave oven. Okay, so microwaves are not exactly anything new in the kitchenware market, but there are many people that might not realise that this is an energy saving appliance as well as a really useful addition to the kitchen for heating up simple meals. In fact, it has been shown that using a microwave oven instead of a conventional oven can save energy use by up to two thirds. So get to the store and upgrade your microwave to something really snazzy for your kitchen renovation. Dishwasher. The kitchen is not only a place where you cook meals for your family—it’s also a space where you have to wash the dishes. If you haven’t thought about investing in a dishwasher before, now is the time to do so, as a dishwasher will typically use half the energy and a sixth of the water, which is a massive energy saving. Upgrade to an energy efficient dishwasher, and your energy savings will be even greater. All energy efficient products have a star rating from one to six; the more stars the appliance has, the more efficient it will be, so make sure you look out for those stars when you are in the store. For more information, contact a company like Cavallo...

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