What to do directly after receiving your new smeg refrigerator

25 January 2016
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When getting a new smeg refrigerator, it's important that you take care of it from the start to make sure it keeps looking good and working like it's supposed to. You should hire a professional electrician to perform the actual installation work for you, but there are many things you should consider even besides that. When getting your new smeg refrigerator delivered, there are a few things you should think about when handling it to make sure you're not damaging your vintage looking refrigerator before it has even had a chance to do any work.

Examine from the beginning

Make sure you inspect your smeg refrigerator even before getting it out of the box. Examine the cardboard and make sure it's not damaged. After getting your refrigerator out of the box, you should control all the basic operations, like looking for cracks in the interior and testing if the door opens and closes without a hitch. If you find any problems, you should contact your smeg retailer immediately.

Clean it out

Make sure you clean out your new refrigerator before using it. This should be done before the electrician has installed it to make it as safe and simple as possible. Dust and dirt might have accumulated in the refrigerator during the manufacturing and packing process. This material might be harmful for you to inhale or consume if it were to still be left there when you start using the refrigerator for storing food. Wipe it out with a wet rag and then dry it off. Don't use any cleaning products, as this might have to opposite effect and become the harmful substance you don't want to consume.

Complete the refrigerant circuit

Don't turn the refrigerator on immediately after the installation. You need to give it some time to complete the refrigerant circuit to make sure it's cold enough to hold your groceries. Make sure you keep your old refrigerator running until your new smeg refrigerator is installed and working properly to avoid wasting any food. You could leave your smeg refrigerator to it over night and keep using your old refrigerator until you're certain that the smeg refrigerator will be working as intended.

Start off slowly

Don't operate your smeg refrigerator on full power the first few days after receiving it. Keep it on a steady level and slowly decrease the refrigeration process day by day until you are at the minimum temperature. This will prevent it from overloading and spare it a lot of strain further down the line. This is also another reason for keeping your old refrigerator even after you have received and installed your new smeg refrigerator