What to Take Into Account When Purchasing Your Next Refrigerator

20 November 2017
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The purchase of a new refrigerator is one of those substantial investments that you want to get right. Failure to do so means missing out on features that would make your life easier and ultimately requires you to buy a new refrigerator after a couple of years. Thus, you should ponder several things before you decide on what would be suited to your household. This article explains a few handy tips that will help you be informed on what refrigerator you should purchase.

Know the general styles of refrigerators

Before you can go in-depth on the features you would want from your refrigerator, you need to start with familiarising yourself with the general styles of fridges that are available to you. The fundamental refrigerators that you could purchase include:

  • French door fridges that have two doors, which you open outward. The freezer is at the bottom of the refrigerator, and the main fridge is on top.
  • Side-by-side fridges, which also have two doors, but one vertical half of the fridge is dedicated to the freezer and the second half to the fridge.
  • Top freezers, which would have one door on top for the freezer and a bottom door for the fridge.
  • Bottom freezers, which have a top door to the main fridge and a bottom door to access the freezer.

Know your food habits

Although some people rarely take this into account, your food habits will have a considerable impact on how convenient your fridge will be to your overall lifestyle. For instance, people who like to purchase their groceries in bulk or who rely heavily on frozen dinners would be better suited with a refrigerator with considerable freezer space to store their food items. On the other hand, if you mainly ingest fresh produce, then you will require spacious fridge compartments to store your vegetables and other food items that would be at risk of spoiling quickly. If you are someone who entertains frequently, a fridge with a dedicated ice-cube maker and even storage space for beverages will save you money on having to purchase pre-packaged ice cubes constantly.

Know your cleaning responsibilities

All fridges will require routine deep cleaning on occasion, but some fridges will need dedicated care and maintenance to stay pristine. The first type of refrigerator shelves you could consider is wire shelving. These will require deft manoeuvring to ensure all the grime is removed from hard-to-access corners. The second option is glass or plastic sheet shelving, which could be more expensive but will be much easier to keep clean.