The Various Types of Air Cleaners You Can Use in Your Home

27 October 2016
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Indoor air quality is an issue of great concern for many Australian households: the possibility that the air being inhaled in living spaces may be contaminated is a serious health and safety issue that homeowners simply can't ignore. One of the most effective ways most homeowners use to rid of harmful pollutants from their indoor air is air cleaners. Air cleaners are generally categorised according to the technology used to remove hazardous particles of different types and sizes from the air. Read More 

Various Ways You Can Integrate LED Lights Into Your Home

30 March 2016
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LED lighting is considered a relatively new lighting option. As such, you will find that most households simply use them as overhead lighting not knowing that these lights can be used for a variety of applications. There are a myriad of types of LED lights that are manufactured. This gives you the flexibility to incorporate this lighting in various parts of your home for different uses. Here are some of the various ways that you can make the most of LED lighting in your household. Read More 

What to do directly after receiving your new smeg refrigerator

25 January 2016
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When getting a new smeg refrigerator, it's important that you take care of it from the start to make sure it keeps looking good and working like it's supposed to. You should hire a professional electrician to perform the actual installation work for you, but there are many things you should consider even besides that. When getting your new smeg refrigerator delivered, there are a few things you should think about when handling it to make sure you're not damaging your vintage looking refrigerator before it has even had a chance to do any work. Read More 

2 Important Factors To Consider When Buying A Commercial Ice Machine

19 May 2015
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Whether for your restaurant business or any location that serves cold drinks, a commercial ice machine is a must-have in the kitchen. When buying such a machine, you may be surprised at the many options you have, even right down to the shape of the ice itself. These details may not seem important to you, but they will make a difference in the function of the machine and may even save you money when it comes to the beverages you sell. Read More 

Which are the best green appliances for your kitchen?

25 March 2015
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When you undergo a complete kitchen renovation, you don't only have the opportunity to reimagine your kitchen space aesthetically – you also have the opportunity to decide how your kitchen works functionally. As climate change becomes a more pressing concern with every year, you might be wondering how you can incorporate greener functionality into your kitchen. This will essentially come down to the appliances that you choose for your kitchen renovation. Read More